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Elise 5000 – Vintage (R&B Mixtape) –  (RE-UPLOADED) Mixtape Download ZIP

Elise 5000 – Vintage (R&B Mixtape) –  (RE-UPLOADED) ArtistImage
Vintage (R&B Mixtape)
Elise 5000


Elise 5000 presents the new Mixtape “Vintage” collaborating with artists such as: Talent Couture, Mucho Deniro, Foxy Brown, The Notorious B.I.G, T-Pain, Chris Brown, Eliseo Way III (of TREAL), Shilla, Josh Paul and more. This new mixtape is being considered by her musical peers as “Revolutionary” with a new genre being showly created. Elise 5000 Pulls from the depths of her soul snagging pieces of the 90′s sound and blending those elements with the future (the sound that hasn’t been created yet.) Follow @elise5000 on Twitter.

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